Camp Ovens & CI Plates

Camp Ovens & CI Plates

We get asked a lot on how do you season a camp oven

I have included this viedo so that you can see how it is done

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Camp Ovens 9 Quart


  • Pre-seasoned
  • Solid construction
  • Spiral carry handle for comfort
  • Flanged lid
  • Size 320mm x 150mm High
  • Weight 8.9kg
Appart from taking the lid off the camp oven can be used to pull out tent pegs

Australasias first and best portable solar oven set!!!

The SUNFLAIR Solar Oven comes with all the cookware you need to give the best potential possible and cook ANY meal...

you can also use it as a dehydrator!!! 


Cook for free!

No risk of causing bush fires or burning your food! 

Save your time and get out of the hot kitchen. Relax instead. :)

Keeping the heat outside is a huge advantage over those hot months too!


The roaster/cooker is designed to be a clean green efficient way of cooking.  It increases the oxygen supply so carbon monoxide is reduced, which helps protect the environment.  It uses only 1 of the SAFire green briquettes to cook for a full 2.5 hours – these are made from discarded coconut husks & shells so are environmentally friendly. The unit will also work with standard conventional charcoal briquettes.