Beefeater BUGG

Beefeater BUGG

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Summer time. Party time. On your balcony. At the beach. In the yard. Set it up on the spot and share your food as fast as you can. Born in Australia, the BUGG is a new species of BBQ that's so much more than you ever imagined. Cook with the hood up, for crispier grilling. Or hood down, for roasts.

Available in 2 colours: amber and graphite.


Built strong for everyday use. Lightweight and compact for easy transport and storage. The BUGG trolley has room to store a 9kg/20lb gas bottle, with an automatic in-use wheel lock for stability.


No trolley? Keep your BUGG under wraps with the custom-made BBQ Cover.


The perfect snug-fit waterproof cover to keep your BUGG looking good while in storage.